About The EDP

The Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP)

About the EDP


The Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) is for the creation of new business entities which generate revenues, employment and innovation, and is essential for the development of a vibrant micro and small business sector.


The overall objective of the EDP is to provide an avenue for Antiguan and Barbudan ownership of a greater stake in the economy.


To create a supportive business environment empowering entrepreneurs to be successful and contribute to national economic development.


To provide entrepreneurs with access to affordable funding, enabling them to deliver quality goods and services to customers resulting in the creation of wealth to owners and shareholders.

How to Apply

To apply for funding under the Programme, an applicant must complete the application form and submit the application electronically or by hand to the EDP Unit at the ABIA.

The application form must:
(a) be completed by the applicant or an authorized representative of the applicant;
(b) provide all the information required by, and specified in, the application form.

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How to Apply

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